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Vivity Intraocular Lens



The Clareon ® Vivity ®  Lens is an Extended Depth of Focus lens. The Vivity® lens allows you to see clearly at far and intermediate distances with functional near vision, so that you can immerse yourself in a full range of activities—all while relying less on glasses. Falgoust Eye Medical & Surgical now provides its patients with Vivity IOL lenses for cataract treatment.

According to a clinical study, 94% of patients who received the Vivity® IOL reported rarely or never needing eyeglasses or contacts at a distance. In this study, 90% of patients who received the Vivity® IOL reported they were satisfied with their vision.

This type of lens would be a good option for patients who want to improve vision at far and intermediate distances, which can reduce the need for glasses or contacts.


The Procedure

Cataract surgery at Falgoust Eye Medical & Surgical is performed on an outpatient basis. Your eye will be treated with anesthetic prior to the procedure so you will feel little, if any, discomfort. A tiny incision will allow your surgeon to break up or wash away the cloudy cataract. Once the cataract is removed, the
Clareon® Vivity® IOL will be inserted through the same incision and set into its permanent position.


After the procedure, you will rest for a short while before returning home. Your doctor will typically examine your eye within 24 hours. Eye drops will be prescribed to guard against infection and aid in the healing process. For a few days, you may need to wear a protective shield, especially at night to prevent rubbing of the eye. Everyone heals somewhat differently, but most patients see well enough to return to most of their routine activities the day after surgery. Once both eyes have been treated, you will fully appreciate the Clareon® Vivity® IOL and realize that your cataract was one thing you could definitely live without.

What should a patient expect after the procedure?  

Similar to other lens implant procedures, you can expect your vision to be clearer and sharper the day following surgery.

How many patients are 100% glasses or contact lens free after having this procedure?  

There is no guarantee that you will never need glasses again, especially for reading small text.  Most patients achieve sharp, clear vision for distance and intermediate (computer) work in both bright and dim light.

Many patients who have Vivity lenses can check a text message on their smartphone or read a menu in a restaurant. You may still need to use reading glasses for some close-up tasks like reading a newspaper or a prescription label.

Don’t wait any longer… See clearly again.

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