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Announcing The ORA System:

Experience Better Visual Outcomes Following Cataract Surgery

The ORA™ System with VerifEye+™ Technology for cataract refractive surgery

What are the benefits of ORA Technology following Cataract Surgery?

ORA Technology provides the highest level of customization available, better visual outcomes, and reduces the need for follow-up procedures.

  • Continuous assessment of the patient’s eye throughout the cataract removal or refractive correction procedure
  • IOL power and positioning suggestions in real-time
  • Dynamic variable optimization and robust reporting – as more cases are performed, accuracy increase further!

What does ORA Technology Measure?

The ORA Technology better precisely measures your eye in real-time for the correct lens placement or refractive correction. Some of those measurements include:

  • The length of the eye
  • The curvature of the eye
  • The predicted location of the new lens
  • A history of previous laser vision correction

How does ORA Technology work during surgery?

At any point during surgery, Dr. Falgoust can quickly take a measurement, which is then analyzed by the ORA System to provide accurate information used to optimize decision-making in correcting the vision of the eye. Before this technology, surgeons were unable to assess the quality of vision during surgery, and would often have to wait until after the procedure to determine the accuracy of the surgical results.

Dr. Falgoust strives to provide the best technology for his patients – and achieving the best visual outcome is always top priority for each and every patient. The goal of Falgoust Eye Medical & Surgical is to continually invest in your vision, and ORA helps us take another step forward!

Don’t wait any longer… See clearly again!

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