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Blepharitis is when you have bacteria and oily flakes at the base of your eyelashes. Your eyelids are red, swollen, or feel like they are burning. Blepharitis is very common, especially among people who have oily skin, dandruff or dry eyes.


Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid. The lid may droop only slightly, or it may cover the pupil entirely. In some cases, ptosis can restrict and even block normal vision. It can be present in children as well as adults and may be treated with surgery.


Ectropion is an outward turning of the eyelid margin. Patients may experience symptoms due to ocular exposure and inadequate lubrication. Definitive management is surgical. Medical management is temporizing but can improve symptoms while waiting for surgery.


Entropion is an inward turning of the eyelid margin and appendages such that the pilosebaceous unit and mucocutaneous junction are directed posterior towards the globe. It is one of the most common eyelid malpositions. Entropion can cause corneal and conjunctival damage leading to corneal stromal abrasion, scarring, corneal thinning and corneal neovascularization. In advanced cases, there can be risk of corneal ulcer and perforation.

Floppy Eyelid Syndrome (FEL)

Floppy eyelid syndrome (FES) is an under-diagnosed entity characterized by chronic papillary conjunctivitis in upper palpebral conjunctiva that is poorly respondent to topical lubrication and steroids.


Trichiasis is a common eyelid abnormality in which the eyelashes are misdirected and grow inwards toward the eye. Those inward-turning lashes rub against the cornea (the clear, dome-like window covering the colored iris and the pupil), the conjunctiva (the thin, clear membrane covering the sclera, which is the white part of the eye) and the inner surface of the eyelids, irritating the eye.


To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, some people choose to have injections (shots) of botulinum toxin. The injections relax certain muscles in the face, and certain wrinkles become less noticeable for a period of time.

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