New for Lake Charles in 2017, announcing the ORA System, Now Featuring VerifEye+ Technology

The ORA™ System with VerifEye+™ Technology for cataract refractive surgery

Guidance and verification for cataract refractive surgery

  • Continuous assessment of the patient’s eye throughout the procedure
  • IOL power and positioning suggestions
  • Dynamic variable optimization and robust reporting with AnalyzOR – as more cases are performed, accuracy increase further!

 The ORA system allows for real time measurements of the eye to be taken in the operating room, adding another element of precision when selecting a patient’s lens implant.


Elevate outcomes for astigmatism…

Reduce the number of patients who fall outside of your astigmatic target by half
Procedures with the ORA™ System with VerifEye Technology have been shown to:
  • Help determine cylindrical magnitude and axis in real time
  • Account for both anterior and posterior corneal astigmatism
  • Reduce incidence of unintended residual post-op astigmatism
The number of patients who fell outside of astigmatic targets was reduced by half via treatment with the ORA™ System with VerifEye+™ Technology.¹

…and post-LASIK patients!

The use of the ORA™ System in cataract procedures has been clinically proven to:

  • Significantly increase the accuracy of lens power selection
  • Decrease prediction error in prior myopic LASIK patients


The number of previous myopic LASIK patients who hit their refractive targets increased significantly with the ORA™ System.²

Another way that Falgoust Eye is bringing the latest and greatest technology to the Lake Charles area



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